A craft might involve painting, coloring, cutting, or gluing. They typically result in a finished product you can keep. Activities are things like scavenger hunts, obstacle courses, matching games, and memory games. They are something you can do that may not result in a finished product.

Everything you’ll need to do the activity will be included in the box with the exception of “essentials”. These include things like glue, crayons, markers, and scissors. Since these are things most people have around the house, we felt it didn’t make sense to include them every time they were used. But fear not! If you don’t have these things, you can always grab one of our Essentials Boxes!

Each craft and activity comes with suggested modifications to either make it more simple or more complex. Activities have been selected and designed with versatility in mind! So while a two-year-old might be able to complete the task at a basic level with adult assistance, a six-year-old might be able to do it more independently and get more creative with it!

No. The idea is that you can pull these activities out at any time. Therefore, there are no themes that revolve around holidays. 

Yes! All of our materials are non-toxic and most are washable. We will always mark off when one of our projects is messy so you can know to grab a smock! Boredom Breakers Box is not suitable for children who are likely to put things in their mouth as some projects include smaller pieces. Of course, you know your child best. So if there’s something in the project that won’t work for your kiddo, you’re welcome to make accommodation

Boredom Breakers Box strives to be as inclusive as possible. It is important to us to represent all kinds of kids and families in both our activities and book recommendations. We also strive to create activities that can be adapted for a multitude of access needs. If you have ideas for ways we can improve this, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

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